Death Brings Life to Life

In Loving Memory of Julia Franco November 7, 1957- August 25, 2014

© grier cooper, 2014

This week I lost one of my best friends. Julia had been in my life for twenty years. This is the first time I’ve had a friend die and felt the surge of feelings in the aftershock. On the one hand I miss my friend dearly—she was family to me—and yet I feel her all around me. In the days since her death we’ve had piles of friends come to visit, share stories and help support one another. We’ve talked about the way that death brings life to life…how life feels all the more precious after someone passes away.

These types of gatherings were the most important thing to her, really what she lived for, and when I see “her people” I am reminded of her because we have become connected through her. I am certain that we carry our loved ones in our hearts after they are gone. They remain alive in our memories, our dreams, and the subtle ways they have influenced the people we are today.

When I went to bed the night of her death I asked for a sign that she was okay. I thought this might come in a dream but the moment I closed my eyes I saw her quite clearly in my mind and heard her voice say my name the way she said it when she was feeling extra happy.  I like to think that even though I can’t call her on the phone anymore I can still talk to her.

Science tells us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It has to go somewhere. Today I feel my friend’s love in the hearts of those who survived her, the explosion of color in my garden, the breeze blowing in the back door.



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