How the Perfect Dance Floor Found Me








There used to be this art gallery in town that had the most amazing wood floors. They were a deep, burnished mahogany color with a perfectly polished surface. Every time I went in a part of me itched to take off my shoes and dance on it barefoot. The smooth wood beckoned.

It was a tease.

I began to calculate ways to make my wish come true. My husband had a big birthday coming up – I could rent the space for the party, put together a great buffet and a killer dance mix and voila! It was the perfect plan.








Except somewhere shortly after I hatched my ingenious plan the gallery announced it was moving and closed its doors for good. My dream died. Who knew what would become of the delicious floor now? Maybe the new tenants would cover it with (*hugely audible gasp*) carpet.

The space sat vacant for months. The windows were papered over to keep prying eyes away from the secret goings-on inside.

One day as I was driving past I noticed a bright orange awning out front. I pulled over to get a better look and noticed a new logo on the window… it was a dancing figure. The new name of the business was “Move Me” studio.

Now the space is an incredible dance studio with gorgeous natural lighting. That delicious wood floor is danced on seven days a week. I go as often as I can.

How’s that for serendipity?

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