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How to Survive Auditions: The WISH Guide to Surviving Auditions and Other Stressful Event

Auditions are one of the more excruciating examples of moments in life when you have to reach outside of your comfort zone and perform. Not only do they test your ability to keep it together under pressure, they also force you to adapt to a new environment. None of this is easy but you will have a much easier time if you have a system in place. In one scene from WISH, the main character, Indigo, experiences the most important audition of her life. Here are a few of the things that work for her:


RULE #1: Be prepared. The night before an audition, Indigo goes over her checklist to make sure she has everything she might need in the case of unexpected complications. It’s a long list! But then, anyone who’s ever carted around a dance bag knows you can’t go anywhere without the essentials: hair spray (or other hair-taming products), brush, bobby pins, hair nets, multiple leotards and tights, warmup clothes, ballet slippers, pointe shoes, snacks, water bottle, sewing kit, first-aid kit, reading material or book (in case you get stuck waiting around), makeup…you get the point. Get organized the night before and be prepared for any and all eventualities.

RULE #2: Act as if. Visualization is one of Indigo’s favorite tools. She uses it anytime she needs to refocus her mind or reinforce an idea into her subconscious to make it stick. Visualization is a way to make things more real – and is the first step to bringing anything to life. Everything that exists began first as an idea. The more you visualize anything, the more likely you are to achieve that result. Use it anytime you feel your confidence slip. Indigo visualizes herself dancing through a part and succeeding on a test. It bcomes real in her mind. Act as if until it happens.

RULE #3: Get support. Although Indigo doesn’t get a lot of support from her parents, she’s lucky to have Miss Roberta in her life because Miss Roberta has gone through many of the same things Indigo is dealing with. In Indigo’s case, Miss Roberta really is the best person to turn to for support because her advice and teaching is backed by real-life experience. Most challenging moments go a lot better when we have guidance or just someone who’s on our side. It always helps to know you’re not alone.

RULE #4: Stay focused. Auditions are nerve-wracking by definition: you walk into a completely unfamiliar environment and see a bunch of other people going after the same thing you want. Talk about uncomfortable. Once Indigo gets over her initial feelings of shock, she gets down to business. She follows her usual routine of getting dressed, checking and perfecting her appearance and warming up. She stays focused on her process instead of getting caught up in what others are doing.

RULE #5: Give 101%. Indigo put a lot of extra time into training and building strength before her audition and it’s put to the test. However, she knows that this audition is a rare opportunity so she must push herself to her limit and give her absolute best. No matter what the outcome, if you’ve given your best then there are no regrets.


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The Rules of Ballet

Every dancer knows there are rules in ballet. They aren’t written down anywhere but they absolutely exist – and they are ironclad. Miss Roberta, Indigo’s ballet teacher in WISH, is very outspoken about a lot of things, including personal hygiene and what dancers should and shouldn’t do outside of ballet classes. Ssince she was a professional ballet dancer herself, she knows what it takes to be a ballet dancer and how hard it is to make it. This is the manifesto she shares her manifesto with all of her ballet students to help guide them:


Humans are naturally lazy and dancers have to work hard to overcome this tendency.

Take a moment to look at the average person’s posture and you’ll see the truth in this statement. Most of us shuffle through life in the default setting: with our shoulders hunched over and our heads down.

There is always room for improvement. If you think you are a good enough dancer, you’re wrong!

Ballet is all about reaching perfection­–your own version of perfection. There is always something to fine-tune or something new to learn.

There will always be someone who is a better dancer than you.

This is a difficult reality to face but sooner or later this is true for all dancers, whether it’s due to skill or age. My first ballet teacher used to tell us to never get comfortable or cocky because there would always be better dancers out there. You have to stay sharp and constantly push yourself if you want to reach the top. The good news is hard work and persistence pay off. Work to the best of your abilities and you will forge forward.

It takes hard work and discipline to get ahead.

It also takes unrelenting willpower and persistence, indestructible courage and ridiculous levels of confidence. But hey, no one ever said it was going to be easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it.

If you can’t take constructive criticism, you are in the wrong place.

By the time you reach the professional level of ballet, you are not only able to handle criticism, you live for it. Ballet dancers eat up “corrections” like most kids chow on candy because they know if someone takes time to make a comment, they think you’re worth it.

If you are too tall, too fat or too lazy, pick a different career.

As stated before, this is not a career for anyone not prepared to work their butts off. Although the physical ideal in ballet is slowly changing it’s still a much tougher road if your body type doesn’t match what ballet companies are looking for.

The love of dance brought you here and it will carry you through your career.

Every dancer you see on stage today started with love of ballet in their heart and the dream to become part of the magic onstage. That love is what keeps dancers going day after day, sometimes working through pain in various forms. But ask any dancer if they love what they do and you’ll get the same answer: Yesssssss!

Ballet is equal parts dedication, inspiration, and perspiration.

It’s definitely not for the faint of heart, either… or for anyone who minds getting sweaty.

The human body is a dancer’s most important tool and our biggest challenge (see Rule #1).

As mentioned above, the human body is naturally lazy. Dancers have to fight hard to overcome this tendency. Since top fitness is part of the job description, most ballet dancers spend every waking minute keeping their tools in prime shape, either taking classes, doing supplemental training like Pilates, stretching or going for a massage (although this last activity is far less likely).

Ballet involves sacrifice (of certain dangerous activities…including and most especially boys).

If you do the math you’ll immediately see why this is true. If x, the dancer, spends almost every waking moment in a ballet studio that leaves y hours left to do anything else. In this case y=0. But all kidding aside, there are certain activities most dancers don’t do because of the risk of injury or because they will develop the wrong muscles: skiing, horseback riding, and circus arts, just to name a few.

Whether you are a ballet dancer or not, you probably have your own manifesto for life. May it guide you well. Even if you don’t resonate with Miss Roberta’s manifesto, do take her advice and wear deodorant.


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