Trance Dance To Beat Winter Blues


This past summer there was a stretch of time when the sun did not make an appearance for thirteen out of sixteen days. It felt like the sun might never return. Things began to get a bit squirrely when cabin fever began to set in. Something had to be done. The Facebook entry for the day read, ”I am all about frantic trance dance in the living room in order to combat cabin fever”. Several friends gave it the thumbs up, and the ensuing daily trance dance in the living room truly became a key element in the preservation of sanity. Plus, it felt good. Real good. It was a successful experiment, because, let’s face it, we humans have hundreds of joints in our bodies for a reason: namely, to move. Even more importantly, the old adage “move it or lose it” applies directly to us moving our bodies, often, and every day. When we don’t, we feel it. Maybe not right away, but over time heaviness, fatigue, lethargy, and inertia build until they simply can no longer be ignored.

At this moment we find ourselves in the dead of winter. While a great many creatures are busy sleeping it off, for the rest of us there is an overwhelming feeling of wanting to either stay in bed for as long as possible, or just get the heck out of dodge to someplace far, far away where the sun is shining. Since neither is possible right this second it’s obviously time for the Daily Dose of Dance.

Thus is born The Living Room Challenge, a no-holds-barred, simple-to-do exercise, where there are no excuses and no rules…except one: for thirty minutes, each and every day, crank the music (whatever makes you want to move your butt), and move your butt. Be forewarned, it’s contagious. Kids, dogs, and husbands might just jump into the game, too.

How about you? Are you up for the Challenge?

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