What Happens When Dance Meets Humor

Here we are in the middle of April, a month typically associated with vibrant blooms, warmer weather, and…humor. While you may or may not get into playing elaborate April Fool’s Day jokes, who doesn’t appreciate a good laugh? Even better if it’s well-choreographed humor. From the world’s largest treadmill dance to ballet’s biggest bloopers, here’s to humor, graceful…or not.

Who knew you could get so creative with a treadmill? Using one as a prop really takes dance to a whole new level (excuse the painfully bad pun).

What about subway dancers? Lots of people like ’em, some not so much…either way, they’re getting a lot of play–and a lot of push back. Should it be legal, or not? Thoughts?

I still have nightmares about this kind of thing happening to me:

This one just made me laugh…and, as another friend said, a dance button would be so handy.

Whether you’re already dizzy with Spring Fever or not, I hope your day is a little bit brighter.


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