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No time to exercise? Think again.


Too busy to exercise? Think again.

It’s a busy world these days. Even with all of our technological advances, work takes up the bulk of our time during the week, and busy parents are challenged to find spare time for themselves, much less exercise. However, current health guidelines from the AMA suggest at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity per day plus ten minutes of stretching, so how does a busy person find this time? The answer: one minute at a time.

Ditch your car as often as possible. Instead of driving to get to work or run errands, try walking, biking, skating, or scootering (a side note: if you have not yet ridden a Razor Scooter this lifetime, you’re missing out) . If you are dropping your child off at school, park a half mile away and walk together. Walk with your children in the afternoons and weekends. Use part of your lunch break to walk or take an after-dinner stroll.

There are many ways to bike with small children. Bicycle seats can be front or rear-mounted, and two additional children up to 80 lbs. can be towed behind in a bicycle trailer. Now that’s a workout! Older children can ride behind on a trail-a-bike, which essentially makes your bike into a tandem. Kids who have mastered two wheels can ride to school and after-school activities.

Make more of your family time physical time. Roller skate or scooter in your driveway or hit the school black top after hours. Play frisbee, baseball, basketball, or kickball together. Take a hike or explore the nearest city on foot.

Add on minutes in creative ways whenever you can. Do squats, releves or leg lifts while dinner is cooking or heating things in the microwave. Throw in some sit-ups and pushups or lift hand weights while the kids do homework. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Turn on the music after dinner and have a living room dance-a-thon.

Things really do add up a minute by minute. Every time you capitalize on a few minutes here and there, your bottom line is looking better and better. Regular exercise can be woven into the most complex lifestyles in creative ways. Is it worth it? Do the math.